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Spice Girls are coming to Australia!!

wtf, Geri.

lol, I literally never thought I would see the day.

They are only doing Sydney though, so I guess I'm going to Sydney!

EDIT: WELL MAYBE. Apparently they are picking at random who gets to buy tickets. This is the stupidist thing I have ever heard.
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OMG ITUNES IS WORKING ON MY COMPUTER AGAIN!!!! It hasn't worked for about 6 months, which means I had to use Media Player, and I could only listen to about 1/8th of my music collection.

I am so happy about this!
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I am on msn for the first time in years!! If there's anyone here I used to chat to on there, please add me back :)) crystalgallagher@gmail.com.

I'd forgotten all about the hilarity of msn!: Always setting it to "busy", pretending to be offline when I'm not, blocking really annoying people... Let the fun times recommence!
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I keep forgetting to "report" on this most amazing news!!

It was Noel Gallagher's 40th birthday yesterday, and Liam gave him as a present, A TRIP INTO OUTER SPACE.

EVERYTHING about this is completely amazing! Oasis In Space! (Didn't I already write that movie)

Ahh, I love Liam right now.
hit, cameron

Something Amazing

Last week answeringbell made a post to cameronadams in which she fashioned up a fake "Not Hot" for this week's issue.

YESTERDAY, HiT actually came out, and there was something amazingly familiar about it!

Let's have a look at the the fake one, and the real one in a side-by-side comparasion:


I'm a bit dissapointed Cameron doesn't also consider coriander "not hot", although maybe he does in private.
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Argh. Even though the Long Blondes website says they are playing Prince Of Wales, they are ACTUALLY playing Hi-Fi Bar.

No wonder my daily checks of the Prince website were in vain! I should have been checking here. It is LUCKY I realised this before it was too late.

On sale next Friday, $45. Goodo.
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The Cribs - I've Tried Everything

I know there's a lack of Cribs fans here, and Cribs fans who are also Oasis fans are even harder to find. BUT DON'T STOP READING AFTER THE FOLLOWING SENTENCE.

"I've Tried Everything", is a song by The Cribs, which has a jaunty Oasis vibe to it.

It is my favourite song right now and it is brilliant, FACT.

There's this other bonkers song on the album which I also completely adore, called "Be Safe." It's the guy from Sonic Youth doing spoken word, with the Cribs screaming "Be safe!" over the top of it. SOUNDS TERRIBLE IN THEORY, I know. But it's actually one of the best things ever.

I am thinking of switching allegiances from Ryan to Gary. (Should I)
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And The First Unlocked Post In The New Lizjournal Goes To....


- Life itself
- Everything in the world
- All other albums ever recorded
- Everything that has ever existed

I have never been so excited to hear a new album, ever. I jumped around the room when it was done downloading. Then when I actually heard it I almost cried some Julz-style tears of joy.

Some words to describe it are: perfect/amazing/THEBESTEVER/unthinkably great/omg.


Welcome to Lizjournal 2! If you have a look, you will see that all old posts are gone, and a new emu-free era is upon us!

You can look forward in the future to:
- Fun
- The Return Of Fonts
- Extreme Babysitter's Club Appreciation Mania
- Clean Up Lizjournal
- A Ned Special

& More!